How To Install Mighty Simple System

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Installing the script is a very simple process, all you need to do is upload the file to your cPanel or via fTP.

Once it's been uploaded you can extract the .zip file. If your using FTP you can extract before uploading.

There are a few sites you will need to join so you can get the most from the script. these sites will provide you with referral links that you will need when editing your config file.

Join these sites:

These sites will all provide you will affiliate id# numbers. well, apart from paypal

payPal doesn't have an affiliate program. but you will need to create a Buy Now button so you can get paid and then redirect your clients back to the thankyou.php page.

Setting Up PayPal Button

start by selecting the buy now button


paypal buy now button

Side Note: there are 2 very important parts to creating your button! keep reading!

you just fill in the first field with your system name and what they are buying pick how much you want to charge for it. 9.95 is fair but you could sell it for up to 29.95.


paypal first step of creating a button

Then you want to move to the most important part redirection after purchase. 

here's what it looks like.


You need to make this link 

This is very important and makes this system automated.

if people don't come from paypal to the thankyou.php page they will be taken to index.php. the only way to download files is to buy them and have paypal return you to thankyou.php if you miss this you are going to have some angry customers.

Next you need to click save button

Then it will default to show you code of your button you do not want this you need the email link. right next to the website tab click the email tab.



All you need from the link is the the numbers and letters after hosted_button_id= 

add this to your config.php file and thats your paypal button sorted. most important part you want to get paid.

The Config.php File 

Open the config.php

Edit the details in this file, it's been prefilled with content to give you an idea of what needs to go where. 

The rest is self explanatory I've commented the config file enough that you will be able to understand.



I've pre-filled everything with my details you just replace it with your own. depending on your server the colors may be blue or may not. so don't rely on colors. 

If you have any issues contact me via my payPal address. 

Setting Up Admin

Admin is very simple to set up.

Open admin.php

Edit your username and passwords, you can create 2 admin accounts one for you and one for someone else. You just change the username to your name and the password to what ever you like. 

editing admin php

Just so you know the admin section does not control the site at all. it's really just there to keep your promo tools hidden away. it has ad copy, banners, and a bunch of helpful resources, that could have been added to the zip folder but i was feeling fancy. It also Includes the RSS feed of the person that sold you the script if they choose to edit it Like you can in config.php.

Thankyou.php & Download!

Ok this is very important just as important as you getting paid, your customer is going to want their product.

You are going to need to open thankyou.php


My honest opinion is to not store the on your server or people will guess it eventually and just download it for free. use any file hosting service you like so long as you can set file to private unless viewed from specific link and place the URL in the refresh tag.

kinda complicated to explain how the thankyou.php page works but the URL needs to be a direct link to the .zip file so once the time is up the download starts automatically. 

if you can't find a file host that offers this store the file on your server but place it  8 +  folders deep then

Here's an example: but don't copy paste this PATH make it hard to guess.

more than 4 folders deep and google will struggle to index it in search. so do a random bunch of folders within folders within folders then .zip file. It will also make it really hard for a pirate to find.

You then would paste this link into the refresh tag on line 48 in thankyou.php

Your done your site is Now ready to go. Congratz!!!

Free Install Service! 

I've tried to make this as simple as possible but hey i understand if you can't get your head around it. i have those days too. 

I offer an install service for anyone that needs a hand. i wont charge you i want to see you get value from the system. however it will require you to give me access to your server or screen share with me via skype. showing you via skype is best way. Then you can do the same to your clients if they need help. The option is there if needed.

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